Refugees, who have come to Utah from frightening conflict situations around the world, face many challenges here in their new home.  From getting around on a bus to understanding our medical system, life is complex and full of many, many things to learn. 

This document presents the results of 14 months of interviews with refugees, their employers, and those in the service community who work with them.
In small sections devoted to topics such as education, citizenship, employment, and hopes and desires, the report makes it easy to understand what refugees need, and how different groups or individuals can best reach out and help. 
Whether you are a nurse, a child care provider, a lawyer, a teacher, an employer, an interested volunteer, or anyone else, this document should help you understand what refugees need, and how you might be able to help.  And at the very end, you can see the written form of many of the refugee languages spoken in Utah.

Refugee Needs Assessment