Garden Season Once Again

We had a little bit of a late start on our fourth season in the community garden, much to the dismay of our enthusiastic gardening families. This year we had the great fortune to be connected with the local office of Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), who lined us up with supplies we've only ever wished for in the past. With help from a Slow Food Utah microgrant, we bought gated irrigation pipe to more efficiently guide the water throughout the space. NRCS also brought in someone to remove trees and level the area.

As always, we're thankful for Russell Ray, the owner of the land who lets us use his property and donates the water shares. 

We often get requests from potential volunteers to help. The biggest need our garden has is people who can assemble a group of weedeaters/string trimmers to help us keep the grass down! This would be a great group project. If you're interested in helping in this way, call 435-915-6689 or email

Why do our local refugee families love to garden? Take a minute to hear what they have to say about growing their own food! Thanks to volunteer Ben Houghton for the video.