Community For Everyone

The word “community” has multiple meanings; these are 2 from Webster’s dictionary:

“a unified body of individuals”

“a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals”

Our board & staff members decided to choose “Community For Everyone” as our tagline here at CRIC in 2018. We wanted to display a message of unity and integration for refugees, immigrants & Cache Valley natives. It is so important for every person in our community to feel comfortable, supported and heard. We have so many amazing community members that volunteer during our walk-in hours, drivers license & citizenship classes, community garden, and neighbor program. Many Cache Valley natives have also shared how refugees & immigrants have bettered their lives.

Our board members have said that “Community for Everyone” means:

“People who come to Cache Valley can feel at home here.”

“Holding space for each other, celebrating our differences, and finding our collective voice.”

“When we share ideas, friendships & knowledge we all learn so much and walk away feeling all the better!”

“Positive & nurturing interactions among all community members helps support & maximize potential at the individual and group level.”

Here at CRIC, we hope to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety for everyone. We welcome everyone to our office not only to receive help, but just to say hi and introduce yourself. If you need somewhere to be around friends, stop by. We love meeting new people and helping when we can.

We hope to see you soon.

Love, CRIC