International Women's Day


March 8th has been recognized as International Women’s Day for over 100 years. It is a day that is celebrated across the world and is a day of hope, reflection and celebration of the achievements women have made. We can use it as a day to show our appreciation to all of the women that teach us how to be leaders, independent thinkers and stronger individuals.

The challenges that displaced & refugee women face are unimaginable to those who have not had the same experiences. In conflict-affected countries, the opportunities for girls and women to attend school or have a job become very limited and the risk of being exposed to exploitation, abuse and sexual violence increases dramatically.

Our board member, Halima Ali, is an outstanding role model for women, not only in Logan and Somalia, but wherever she goes. She stated, “This women’s day, my wish is to help see Somali women get more education so that they can become more independent. Because women in Somalia face challenges that diminish their role in the community, and limit their abilities for political participation and leadership. I also want to see violence against women go down, violence against women is high in Somalia especially with displaced women and girls.”

One strong impact of International Women’s Day is to bring attention to the hardships that women in developing and war-torn countries face. We are so fortunate to work with women who have been able to escape persecution and make a new life here in Cache Valley. When asked what her favorite thing about being a woman is, Rowda responded, “I think, the woman, you know, she is strong. Some women stay home and take care of the house, and some women work. For me, I love taking care of my kids, cooking and cleaning. But after all of that work is done, I really love going to school, it’s one of my favorite things. I really want to get my GED and go to Bridgerland for typing and computers.”

We hope this International Women’s Day you feel the sense of belonging that comes with being a woman. Melissa said, “My favorite part about being a woman is knowing that there is a place for me in the sisterhood.” It doesn’t matter where you come from or how old you are, “Female camaraderie is cross-cultural,” Julie stated.

We are able to see this truth each and every day in our work. Our board president, Nelda, said, “My favorite thing about being a woman is belonging to a long line of truth seekers who find purpose through learning compassion.” We may not always speak the same language or have the same cultural norms, but through compassion and genuine love, we understand each other.

This International Women’s Day, we hope that you will take time to thank the women that have influenced your life for the better and reflect on all of the women throughout history who fought for the rights we have today.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Kenzie Bowcutt